Usa and New Jersey

 United States and New Jersey Essay


New Jersey versus. T. T. O. Queries


1 . The moment should the police have the right to search you or your property? -- reasonable environment to believe that the student offers evidence of unlawful activity or activity that will interfere with university discipline. ” 2 . When ever should a school employee have right to search you or your possessions? - a school official may well properly conduct a search of student's person if the official has a reasonable suspicion that the crime has become committed or perhaps reasonable cause to believe which the search is essential to maintain institution discipline or enforce college policies. ” FACTS OF THE CASE:

3. How old was T. D. O.?

- 14 year old

four. What was T. L. Um. caught doing?

- Cigarette smoking in the bath room.

five. What did T. L. O. declare when he was found?

- Your woman had by no means smoke in her your life.

6. What did the Vice-Principal perform next?

- She named the cops

six. What do the Vice- President discover in Capital t. L. O's possession? - she found a small amount of cannabis, a pipe, and a large amount of money and a catalog card using a list of students that due T. M. O. cash.

8. Capital t. L. O. was incurred with what criminal offenses?

- Medication dealing

9. What did T. L. To. try to have done with the proof against her? What cause did Big t. L. O. give? --


10. What did the Juvenile The courtroom decide?

-- court arranged that searches by school officials usually do not violate the Fourth Amendment as long as the official provides " fair grounds to believe that a college student possesses evidence of illegal activity or activity that would hinder school self-discipline 11. When ever T. L. O. become a huge hit the case towards the New Jersey Supreme Court, the fact that was decided? -

doze. Where do the state of Nj appeal the case to?

-- Juvenile court


13. Who did the Supreme Court rule in favour of?


13. What was the Supreme Court's reasoning?



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