Trade Unions in Assam

 Trade Unions in Assam Essay


ASSAM CHAH MAZDOOR SANGHA - ASSAM TEA EMPLOYEES UNION (Indian National Congress) THE KEY PERSONS: Paban Singh Ghatowar (President)

The largest operate union organising laborers in tea a garden from the Assam Pit in north-eastern India. The union was founded in 1950s. The union is associated with the Indian National Transact Union Congress (INTUC). The organizational network of ACMS includes 846 company tea gardens. INTUC promised the plantation owners not to embark on 'disruptive' union activism although ITA assured INTUC cost-free access to managing in the tea gardens. Through this contract with the tea plantation owners, ACMS surely could establish a digital monopoly more than labor organizing in the Assam Valley tea gardens. ACMS has twenty-two branch businesses. The union has their headquarters by Jiban Phukan Nagar in Dibrugarh. ACTIONS 1:

* Meeting organised at Dibrugarh on 2009. 04. 2010.

* A defieicency of improvement of productivity



1 . It is agreed the fact that minimum plucking task of ticca period would twenty-one kgs to 23 kgs form the plucking season of 2010.


installment payments on your With watch to improving productivity, the incentive/extra tea leaf pice can be enhanced intended for output over minimum ask of 23kgs, in two slabs, the following form plucking season 2010

В  В В В В В В 

a) 24 kilos to typical output with the Garden @55 Paise every Kg.

В В В В В В 

b) Above average output of the Yard @ Lso are. 1 every kgs.

installment payments on your Charter of demand for an increase in wages to generate good the regionalВ disparity in wages levels

ACTIVITY a couple of:



1 ) The income of Daily Rates Employees of Assam valley can be revised as follows:

Period В В В В В В В В В В В Adult

В  В 

From 01/01/2012 to 31/12/2012 Rs. 84. 00 Each day


By 01/01/2013 to 31/12/2013...


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