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twenty-seven February 2013

The Jazz Singer: The Death of 1 Era, Birthday of Another

The mid to late 1920's saw Hollywood's transition from the traditional noiseless film to new motion pictures with sound. This new technology, starting with Vitaphone shorts in 1926, was extremely popular and would be quickly enveloped in to the first feature length film with sound, The Brighten Singer. The success and usually great reception of The Punk Singer might convince filmmakers across the country that appear films were what they needed to increase profits and restore interest in movie going, and therefore would cause the transition from (and downfall of) silent films to those with sound.

The creation of the Vitaphone in 1926 and with it the consequent " talking” pants with " flawless sync of talk or track on the soundtrack and " moving lips” on the screen” has been extensively regarded as a " decisive economic event” in the American film industry's conversion to sound in addition to a " important technological development” (Wolfe). The Vitaphone method was an earlier method of synchronizing a picture to a record. This system led to Vitaphone shorts, which were short works or videos that were noted for a great audience's looking at pleasure- due to their popularity, many Vitaphone shorts were based about Vaudeville functions, " with a premium put on the selection and originality of ten-minute acts arranged together in various clusters, ” which were referred to as " Vitaphone Varieties” (Wolfe). The sound in these shorts were mainly the orchestral music that accompanied noiseless films, apart from the orchestral music for the shorts were recorded instead of live- therefore, this preserved money for the filmmakers and exhibitors by not really needing to work with musicians for every movie. The recorded appear also allowed for better audio accompaniment together good saving could be used in several different locations, and participants would not need to fear live orchestras ruining in any way. Though they were well-liked, most Vitaphone shorts were not shown without any assistance, as they had been much short than characteristic length videos and thus will not be attractive to audiences who were looking to spend some time and cash at the theater but simply receive little entertainment for their money. Consequently, Vitaphone short circuits would be shown before, after, and sometimes between (during intermissions) silent movies to increase attraction and popularity of both the short circuits and generally the film (Hildreth). The show biz industry, in order to both equally capitalize on recorded sound's popularity and show the nation that documented sound was not simply a moving fad, began to look for approaches to further develop the technology and include it in feature length films. One of these early movies, premiering that kicks off in august of 1926, was Joker, a movie about a womanizer whose life becomes to tragedy after this individual can't change the woman he loves (IMDb). The film was apparently used to get viewers " familiar with recorded sound” (Tankel)- it absolutely was preceded by a number of fresh types of shorts (what made them " new” was that these shorts highlighted popular stars instead of traditional performers) then the " audience was swept in to the film by flow of sound” (Tankel). The success of film production company and the new use of popular actors and actresses in shorts showed the observing audience that Hollywood was serious about ongoing this technology and rendering it a new standard.

Even with Vitaphone's success and recognition, like everything else it wasn't without really flaws. According to Charles O' Brien, internally the Vitaphone program had problems that would result in its ultimate replacement, that have been mainly problems with synchronization and editing. The Vitaphone was prone to having synchronization problems- if perhaps for any reason the sound was improperly synched (improper tips, sound too slow or fast, etc . ) then the editor would have to try to manually synch the film with the audio, which was equally time-consuming and...

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