The Great Gatsby the Jazz Age group

 The Great Gatsby the Brighten Age Article

The fantastic Gatsby The Jazz Age group

In 1920, Farrenheit. Scott Fitzgerald said that " An author ought to write intended for the junior of his generation, the critics of the next, as well as the schoolmasters of ever later on. " Fitzgerald wrote as to what he found during the 1920's, which he dubbed " The Jazz music Age, " and The Wonderful Gatsby is regarded as a correct depiction of that age.

Following World Warfare I, metric scale system felt a distrust toward foreigners and radicals since they organised them in charge of the warfare. These values led to a revival of the Ku Klux Klan, a racist, anti-Catholic, and anti-Semitic group. This general doubt of liberal movements and foreigners held up throughout the 10 years.

In 1920, Harding won within a landslide win under the marketing campaign promises of returning to " normalcy. " People wanted peace and prosperity and Harding tried to give it to all of them by coming back the United States to its prewar conditions. This individual established probusiness policies and went against labor unions. He moved peace by urging disarmament. The Our elected representatives passed expenses to restrict the number of immigrants coming into the country. Harding was popular because he returned the U. S. to prosperity, after his loss of life in 1923 it became evident that his administration was one of the most corrupt in U. S. history. Calvin Coolidge took over and followed Harding's policies plus the prosperity ongoing.

Young people, disillusioned by their experiences in World War I actually, rebelled against prewar attitudes and conferences. Women rejected to give up the independence that were there gained through the jobs the got through the war. In 1920, the Nineteenth Modification gave them the right to political election, and they demanded to be named equals. Females adopted a masculine seem: they bobbed their hair, had been more open up about sex, quit putting on corsets, and smoked and drank in public places. Most People in america were brought up to at least a modest level of comfort. They worked fewer hours and had been making more income, so the development of leisure actions...

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