Struts Essay

Tutorial: Building a Internet Application with Struts

This tutorial describes how OTN developers constructed a Web application for store owners and customers with the Virtual Shopping Mall (VSM) test application. OTN developers employed Oracle9i JDeveloper and the Jakarta Project's Struts framework to generate the application.


1 . Concepts 2 . Design 3. Essential Software 4. Setup five. Implementation 6th. Resources six. Feedback


The Jakarta Project's Struts framework, version 1 . 1b2, from Apache Software Organization is an open source construction for building web applications that integrate with regular technologies, just like Java Servlets, JavaBeans, and JavaServer Internet pages. Struts presents many benefits to the web app developer, which includes Model a couple of implementation of Model-View-Controller (MVC) design patterns in JSP web applications. The MVC Model a couple of paradigm applied to web applications lets you individual display code (for model, HTML and tag libraries) from circulation control logic (action classes). Following can be described as brief review of the MVC Model 2 design style. For total information about just how Struts implements the MVC design habits, see the Summary of the Struts User's Guide on the Jakarta Project's Internet site: q

The Model portion of an MVC-based program typically comprises JavaBean classes that define the internal state of the system; they also specify the actions that can be taken to transform that express. If you use the BC4J info access framework, this coating implements the model completely for you. Normally, you will need to create the classes that put into practice your unit. The View part of a Struts-based application is generally constructed applying JSP technology. JSP webpages can contain static HTML CODE (or XML) text known as " theme text", plus the ability to place dynamic articles based on the interpretation (at page ask for time) of special actions tags. The JSP environment includes a pair of custom JSP tag libraries (such while the Struts tag libraries), standard JSP action tags (such as those referred to in the JavaServer Pages Specification), and a facility to set up your personal JSP custom tag libraries. If you use the BC4J data access platform, you can take good thing about JDeveloper's JSP generation wizards and the personalized tag your local library that let your JSP internet pages to display databound dynamic content.



The Controller portion of the application is focused on receiving requests from your client (typically a user operating a web browser), deciding what business common sense function is usually to be performed, and then delegating responsibility for producing the next phase from the user interface to a appropriate Perspective component. In Struts, the main components of the Controller is actually a servlet of class ActionServlet as well as the class RequestProcessor. If you use the BC4J info access framework, the RequestProcessor is prolonged for you which is known as the BC4JRequestProcessor.

JDeveloper can help you implement the MVC Model 2 design and style patterns using core technology familiar for all web developers: q

You can make JSP pages with CODE and personalized tag your local library to implement the View from the data. You use links to leave the user trigger actions around the HTTP Obtain. You can improve your JSP web pages using a huge set of personalized JSP label libraries that work with the Struts framework. Each of the Struts label libraries happen to be accessible from the JDeveloper Element Palette, at the time you open a JSP in the Code Manager. For example , the Struts Contact form tag works closely while using Struts actions and kind bean to retain the state of a data-entry kind and confirm entered info. Unlike non-Struts JSPs, at the time you run the application, action asks for do not invoke another JSP or Servlet directly. Rather, the ask for URI identifies a logical page request, that this request processor chip (RequestProcessor class) provided by the Struts controller handles. The Struts servlet may immediate the responsibility intended for displaying the action benefits...


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