Saudi Aramco

 Saudi Aramco Essay

Saudi Aramco

(Saudi Arabian American Petrol Co)

Eman Yanes, College student ID: H00028866

Final Project

Int. Organization Emerging Market segments

Liverpool College or university

May, 2013



" Saudi Aramco-Saudi Arabian American Essential oil Co” was an American global Energy company that came into the Saudi

market in 1933 then became fully Saudi company in 1988, to end up in 2012 since the biggest business in the

globe. This remarkable shift had historical and political instances with improved economic conditions. The daily news shows the company: history, technique and projects internally and internationally. It also shows us the creativity key role played inside the global businesses growth and Leadership position.



" Saudi Aramco-Saudi Arabian American Olive oil Co” that was established in (1933) ranked as " the biggest strength

company on the globe, generating much more than $1 billion every day in revenues” (Forbs, 2012). It is also ranked as " the largest firm in the world with regards to market value by 781 billion dollars, according to analyze results carried out by Britain's Financial Occasions newspaper together with Mackenzie Uk petroleum consulting”.

Its working areas could be classified in three parts: " Pursuit and development business -- Refining,

marketing and distribution -- Staff development”. It works very all these areas to achieve it is strategic intent that is " In 2020, Saudi Aramco is the world's leading built-in energy and chemicals company focused on making the most of Income, facilitating the Sustainable”.


WHO HAVE WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO – (Saudi Aramco 2012 Twelve-monthly report)

1 ) Exploration and production

" 161 oil search and development wells completed”. The corporation operates within the exploration and production (monopoly right given by the Saudi government) while using ongoing work on the development of systems

relevant, in collaboration together with the most important research centers in the world. In addition to local centers in

" King Abdul-Aziz City to get Science, Technology and Innovation” and " King Abdullah University of Science and 4

Technology”, which job hand manually , on continuous developing researches and techniques to increase creation. All of these businesses support the corporation exploration & production by coordinating while using Aramco R& D centers.

2 . Refining, marketing and syndication

" According to the company 2012 Annual record, the company elevated its improving capacity considerably to a competitive global level to be rated as sixth in the world improving capacity, with 4. 02 million barrels per day”.


a few. Staff expansion

The company believes that the true investment in human. The real reason behind Aramco success and growth incapable it to be the largest company in the world is because of the performance of the employees and the continuous work and dedication. In order to put together new qualified generations, the organization follows two tracks: Initial:

Adopting creativeness and creativity: Aramco worked on youth projects and imaginative investment through giving the

chance to youth simply by incubation and R& D centers. The corporation has acquired " 2012 World Oil Awards”, " Innovative Thinker Award 2010” and " New Course Award” to get a " game-changing” invention. Second:

Transferring knowledge (early) coming from generations that have gained intensive experience to new years: " The business

has developed a strategic plan to generate 40% in the company's workers under the associated with 30, to be able to prepare all of them early for higher positions”.

They have applied for their (5600 employees) " knowledge copy programs, coaching programs, and changes to the organizational culture to maximize the creativity and potential for leadership among youthful workers”.

The corporation provides the greatest services and programs for its employees in: (health, education and housing). In addition to assure healthy very safe places of work, where company proudly announced that the injuries level in 2012 come to 8. 3% only.


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