Lesson Prepare Grammar - Being Healthful

 Lesson Program Grammar - Being Healthful Essay

Subject: English

Class: 3 A

Date: 28th June 2013

Time: almost 8. 40 – 9. forty (60 mins)

No . of Pupils: twenty-seven

Theme: Regarding Knowledge

Matter: Being Healthful

Focused Skill: Grammar

Included Skill: Listening and Speaking

Level: two

Content Standard: 5. one particular By the end of the 6- season primary training, pupils should be able to use distinct word classes correctly and appropriately. Learning Standard: 5. 1 . 6 Able to work with adjectives correctly and correctly: a) color

b) condition

c) size

d) judgment

Objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils can: i. describe themselves with correct adjectives.

ii. find the correct objects designated by teaching cards.

iii. write basic sentence together with the correct use of adjectives. Language Content: Adjectives (Colour, form and size)

Thinking Abilities: Making connection

Moral Ideals: Alert to the environment, tolerance, and confidence. Educating Aids: Picture masks, FONEM poem, dictionary, Instruction Greeting cards, Adjective track and DVD Player.

Previous Knowledge: Students already learn about common subjective. Activity

Teaching & Learning Strategies


Set debut ? initiation ? inauguration ? introduction – Cover up oh Mask

1 . Tutor wears photo masks and asks pupils to say out loud what the images are. installment payments on your Teacher demands several queries about the functions of the photographs. Read aloud

Q & A session

Instructing Aids: Photo masks







1 ) What is the shape of this apple?

2 . What is the colour of banana?

Display – ABC Poem

3. Teacher shows ABC poem to the students.

4. Students to recite ABC composition along with teacher.

5. Teacher helps discussion on the adjectives in the poem. six. Teacher recites ABC composition clearly with intonation and deal with pronunciation. Thinking skill

Delivering correct pronunciation

Teaching Supports: ABC Composition (Appendix 1)


1 ) What are the nouns inside the poem?

installment payments on your Which words describe the noun?

three or more. What kind of adjective is the fact word?


Appear effect:



Practice – Learning Me Knowing You

six. Teacher requires pupils to find words to describe themselves. 8. Pupils have to come up with the very best word making use of the first alphabet of their brands. 9. Learners can use book to help them together with the adjectives. 10. Pupils operate and declare their labels with the phrases that describe them. 11. Video game is played until most pupils experienced a chance.

Creative work

Confidence within self


Red Lagu

Long Laili

Square Siti

Graceful Ghani

Smart Suraya

Brave Borhan

Teaching Assists:


Production – Adjective Treasure Quest

12. Learners are split up into groups of four.

13. Every group is given an instructions card.

16. Pupils go around the school looking for the things.

15. The first group to return with the correct things is the champion. Kinesthetic activity

Boost creativity


Teaching Helps:

Instruction cards

(Appendix 2)

A green grass

A dark eraser

A great iron leader

A reddish flower

A round ball

A small tea leaf

Enrichment: Crazy Stories

18. Ask learners to come out which has a list of adjectives and compose on the table. 17. Learners use these adjectives to write down short testimonies.

18. Learners write brief stories.

nineteen. Pupils go through their testimonies.

Quick and creative thinking

Threshold with others' idea


big -- blue -- shiny - new

Ali has a new car. The auto is green in color. His car is so big. Because it is nonetheless new, the blue car is bright, Closure: Epithete Song

20. Teacher focus on the use of epithete in daily life.

21 years old. Teacher performs the Appositive Song and sing together with the pupils. Focus on on the adjective

Whole course activity

Educating Aids: Adjective Song

(Appendix 3)

Appendix 1


ABC Poem.

A is perfect for apple,

Apple is delicious,

Apple is juicy and round,

Apple is delightful to eat.

B is for banana,

Banana is sweet,

Banana is nice and yellow,

Banana great to eat.

C is for carrot,

Carrot is usually crunchy,



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