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03 16, 2013

Stovall Home Products

2567 Oak Avenue

St, Paillette, MO. 00000

Helen. [email protected] com

Ms. Anne M. Thompson

2567 Gulf Shores Way

Tallahassee, Fl. 00000

Dear Ms. Thompson:

Stovall Home Goods received the customer compliant letter referring to the discoloration of your clothes after applying our white-n-brite liquid whiten product.

All of us here at Stovall understand the concern and frustration of possibly destroying a new clothes. Our entire team here at Stovall conducted a thorough investigation and found the root cause of the condition.

In your up to date letter you stated the treated areas around the unsightly stains on your clothes had looked to an unattractive yellow. On our white-n-brite label directions we suggest all customers to follow the garment proper care tags just before using our product and never make use of it as a spot remover. We all also called the manufacturing company that made the jacket, plus they stated that your clothing was made of the cotton polyester-made blend that was remedied with a resin-based, stain resilient finished that is not compatible both dry or liquid bleaches.

Stovall House Products is at a the conclusion that the discoloration on your jacket could have never happened, if all instructions had been followed associated with the dress care tag by the production company as well as the label course on the white-n-brite; Therefore Stovall Home Items cannot reimburse you to your jacket. Among our highly valued customers we would like to provide you a solution that may possibly bring back your coat back to their original color. The solution is just as follow and has 3 ingredients. One particular gallon of cold normal water, two tablespoons of sodium sulfate and a half cup of white vinegar. Mixture all materials thoroughly and immerse the entire jacket for about 20 moments. Once the the elapsed, rinse your jacket in water only and let this drip dried.

Ms. Thompson, just use this option if you are secure, because Stovall Home Products will not be placed liable....

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