How to Write a Good Essay Introduction Overnight

A well-structured and strong introduction offers a feeling of what you will write about while laying out a scope of your argument. How to write a good essay introduction? Ask an important question that you will answer and provoke thinking. Learn its basic elements and how to tie them together by getting expert guidance.

Basic Introduction Writing Suggestions

Hook everyone with the best first sentence. If it sounds clichéd and uninteresting, no one will be motivated to continue, so set a good tone at once.

  • Ask a great question to make people want to hear your answer;
  • Lead with useful stats or facts to put a discussion of everything you write into a context;
  • Define a key phrase or word if it’s technical or specific;
  • Include a quotation from famous people to pique others whether they know something.

After giving a hook, write 2 brief sentences to explain what your essay will discuss. Offer a roadmap to be used by readers:

  • Frame a summary elegantly and briefly without saying what will you do;
  • Don’t share all details in a brief summary (leave something for the rest of your paper).

A thesis is significant for all introductions and it’s an argument stated in 1 sentence. Describe your position briefly and give a good transition. Format it correctly and avoid making these common errors:

  • Writing it as an observation or a fact (it must take a stand or be a strong argument);
  • Giving it as a question, a list, or a springboard to talk about other things (a thesis must be focused on a single argument or idea);
  • Putting it in the first person (unless you have a professor’s permission).

Write a transition from a thesis for the 1st body paragraph when needed. A thesis is usually the last sentence of an essay introduction.

Produce Excellent Personal Essay Introductions

Start with giving a hook to set the main scene and touch the idea of your essay. Don’t be scared to get very personal in this part because a personal paper is always powerful due to shared information. Think about anything you like or fear without sharing too much. Offer your personal side of the whole story while staying honest and true. Cite every idea or word of other people that you use to avoid plagiarism.

Personal essays don’t always contain traditional thesis statements. The introduction of this paper is your explanation of events or a story and it gives some useful background information that plays a big role in the whole subject. That’s why its opening paragraph doesn’t need to include a conventional thesis.

Write a Film or Literary Review Introduction

How to write a good essay introduction for this paper? Start with a declaration that can be about a given work or your conclusion about its significance or main theme. It should sound authoritative and attract readers. Plug a thesis into the introduction as a presentation or analysis of the work you’re reviewing. You can either reject or endorse it, but don’t forget to mention your verdict as this assignment always requires it.

Situate the chosen work in its filmic or literary context, so talk about how it influences other movies or books. Define whether it owes to any specific artistic movement. Most professors appreciate this fitting into some framework in the introduction.

Writing a Research Essay Introduction

First, introduce your topic and narrow it down a little to give everything a helpful clue about your focused area. Map out the direction of your research essay. If it’s complex and evaluates many facts, spell it out in the introduction to help others structure a basic argument at once.

Include a thesis statement in some clear spot and support it with reliable evidence. All research essays rely on supporting facts heavily, so this step will bolster the main argument and add you more winning points.