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Volume Name: Term Financing to Organization

Volume Author/Editor: Neil They would. Jacoby and Raymond M. Saulnier Quantity Publisher: NBER

Volume ISBN: 0-870-14129-5

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Publication Time: 1942

Chapter Title: Methods and Methods of Term Lending

Section Author: Neil H. Jacoby, Raymond M. Saulnier

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Chapter web pages in book: (p. 73 - 101)

Practices and Techniques of Term


SINCE THE REPAYMENT of zero loan is absolutely certain, pri-

vate credit rating institutions are unable to avoid measuring the risks of lending, neither can they avoid adopting an insurance policy regarding the

quantity of risk they are willing to assume. As a practical matter, this involves, 1st, the adoption of credit rating standards by reference to which applications intended for loans may be tested, and second, the usage of credit evaluation methods to be able to determine if requests for loans satisfy these standards. 1 Commercial banks, insurance coverage companies, and public

firms extending medium-term credit to business issues

have steadily developed specially trained personnel and

exclusive credit criteria, along with methods of assessing

and restricting term loan risks. The factors that determine the probability of repayment of the term bank loan differ markedly from these pertaining to a personal loan, a residential mortgage or other forms of credit. Moreover, the top size of individual term financial loans means that loan providers cannot rely upon diversification to the considerable extent to limit their risks, but need to attempt to make up for this by care with which they

scrutinize each loan application.

Organization and Personnel

Very few commercial banking institutions have build separate departments or sections charged with the functions of

making and controlling almost all term loans originating in your bank. 2 It may also entail the provision of reserves, reserve out of income from

loans, against which " normal" deficits may be incurred.


Between a large number of financial institutions located in leading financial centers east in the Mississippi Riv, whose officers were evaluated by the copy writers, only one experienced concentrated most term lending functions in a separate section.


Term Lending to Business


A number of banks have estimated this form of organization simply by placing a mature officer responsible for all term credits,

while using duty of supervising and passing after term financial loans

originating with other officers. Nevertheless the majority of American

banks that are large enough to obtain developed a purpose for

field of expertise of their business loan functions include divided their particular territories in to geographical areas, one of which is

assigned to each loan officer. A few large banks plan

their loans on an industrial basis, or perhaps combine an industrial having a geographical foundation organization. Whatsoever method of corporation is used, it really is generally accurate that applicants for term loans and seasonal financial loans will manage the

same loan official. In short, banking companies have preferred to adapt

their existing organizations to term financing rather than to

create new divisions.

This kind of fact does not indicate that bank canal fail to

understand any attribute in the credit problems posed by term financial loans. Many organizations have created particular statistical or re-

search departments to get the evaluation of applications for term loans. It is important that sometimes these credit analyses will be assigned to the analytical products connected with the bond or perhaps

trust departments of the bank, rather than for the regular

credit rating department. three or more This is evidence of a reputation that term loans ought to be judged simply by standards and analyzed by methods

appropriate to opportunities rather than to short-term financial loans.

As can be inferred from your general a shortage of special

corporation for term lending by simply commercial banking institutions, the workers engaged...


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