Determination With the Amount Of Dissolved O2 In A Water Sample Simply by Iodonmetry The Winkler S Method

 Determination From the Amount Of Dissolved Oxygen In A Drinking water Sample Simply by Iodonmetry The Winkler S Method Research Paper


DeterminationВ ofВ theВ AmountВ ofВ DissolvedВ OxygenВ inВ aВ WaterВ SampleВ byВ IodonmetryВ­theВ Winkler'sВ Method

TopicВ: В DeterminationВ ofВ theВ amountВ ofВ dissolvedВ oxygenВ inВ aВ waterВ sampleВ byВ iodometryВ­theВ winkler's method.

Goal: В ToВ determineВ theВ amountВ ofВ dissolvedВ oxygenВ inВ aВ waterВ sampleВ byВ iodometryВ­В theВ winkler's technique.

Apparatus: В volumetricВ pipette, В 3В conicalВ flask, В burette, В buretteВ clamp, В PasteurВ pipette, В reagentВ bottle, conicalВ flaskВ stopper, В retordВ stand, В whiteВ tile

Materials: В 2В mlВ manganeseВ sulphateВ solution, В 2В mlВ alkalineВ­iodineВ solution, В 0. 025MВ sodiumВ thiosulphate answer, В 2mlВ concentrationВ sulphuricВ acid, В starchВ solution Procedure

1 ) В WhenВ samplingВ water, В careВ mustВ beВ takenВ toВ ensureВ thatВ aВ goodВ representativeВ sample ofВ theВ waterВ toВ beВ analyzedВ isВ obtained. В ForВ mostВ purposes, В thisВ includesВ attentionВ to dissolvedВ gases. В Therefore, В theВ waterВ sampleВ shouldВ beВ takenВ inВ aВ cleanВ bottleВ which mustВ beВ filledВ toВ overflowingВ andВ tightlyВ sealedВ withВ stopperВ withoutВ introductionВ of air. В IfВ theВ waterВ isВ sampledВ fromВ aВ tap, В itВ mustВ beВ allowedВ toВ runВ forВ atВ leastВ 5В minutes priorВ toВ sampling. В ForВ thisВ purpose, В youВ mayВ collectВ theВ waterВ intoВ aВ 1В LВ reagentВ bottleВ fittedВ withВ a stopper.

2 . В TheВ stopperВ isВ removedВ carefullyВ fromВ theВ conicalВ flaskВ andВ 2В mLВ ofВ theВ manganeseВ sulfateВ solutionВ is added, В dischargingВ theВ reagentВ fromВ theВ tipВ ofВ aВ pipetteВ putВ wellВ belowВ theВ waterВ surface. В StopperВ is replaced.

3. В Similarly, В 2В mLВ ofВ theВ alkalineВ­iodideВ solutionВ isВ introduced. 5. В TheВ stopperВ isВ placedВ inВ theВ bottle, В beВ sureВ thatВ noВ airВ becomesВ entrapped. В SomeВ overflowВ mayВ occur. TheВ contentВ isВ mixedВ thoroughlyВ В В byВ inversionВ andВ rotation. В ManganeseВ hydroxideВ isВ precipitatedВ and willВ settledВ onВ standing.

5. В WhenВ theВ precipitateВ hasВ settled, В 2В mLВ ofВ concentratedВ sulfuricВ acidВ isВ introducedВ with theВ tipВ ofВ theВ pipetteВ wellВ belowВ theВ surfaceВ ofВ theВ solution. 6. В TheВ stopperВ isВ replacedВ andВ mixedВ untilВ theВ precipitateВ dissolvesВ completely. В TheВ dissolvedВ oxygen...


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