Community Rights

 Community Rights Essay

Is Community Justice an issue in

Classic Correctional Features?

LaShawn McNair

Professor Herbeck

Criminal Proper rights and the Community

April 12-15, 2012

Once we hear the term corrections, many of us tend to imagine a prison or penitentiary. It is commonly believed which the function of corrections is just to locking mechanism criminals up. Most of us avoid associate corrections with the community. The objective of my personal essay is to show the correlation between traditional correctional functions and community justice.

In accordance to an content, Community Justice Program Division, community proper rights begins with all the premise which the community is the ultimate consumer of the community corrections system. Whereas the traditional justice program focuses on the offender, community justice adjustments the focus for the safety and well-being from the community. This involves balancing long-term and short-term intervention strategies, focusing on elimination and including citizens in the justice process. Community proper rights actively involves community associates in making decisions and executing the strategies for solving issues and restoring the city, including working together with individual offense victims and offenders. Community members can also be involved to prevent and control crime, boost neighborhoods, and strengthen the bonds amongst community people, which play a role in community protection. How community justice alterations the traditional correctional functions? As I've learned in earlier chapters and during one of my personal essays, community justice is a type of reform. One of its focus's is to try to prevent criminal offenses. It also sees the nonpolice functions of adjudication, sanctioning, and repairing (Clear, Hamilton, Cadora, 2011). Traditional correctional functions incorporate reforms to get offenders including parole and probation. The ideals of community proper rights can operate within traditional correctional capabilities, but they replace the look of the people ways of performing. There are two main spots...

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