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Torres Straight Islander Peoples



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A_____________ individuals are the most well-known living C_____________ in the world. The C_____________ of Australia helped bring rapid becomes I_____________ world, and considerably affected the land. This kind of changed the way in which people resided. Before Western european settlement the indigenous persons populated Australia and resided off the terrain. The right to own P_____________ is actually a key basic principle of English and European law, on the other hand to man Aboriginals and T_________________________, area is almost holy and can not be owned. It deems themselves since C_____________ from the land, maintaining it pertaining to future ages. The English imposed a term known as ‘T____________________' meaning land owned by no one because they thought there is no crystal clear ownership of land. T_________________________ is the great Aboriginal and Torres Direct Islander lenders; their creation and T______________________. It clarifies how the L______________________________________________________ were developed and contains a very strong R_______________ element. The E__________ will be older men and females of recognized wisdom and authority who impose punishments and make important decisions. C_________________ principles and types of procedures that have developed through standard usage according to the customs of people or nation, or sets of nations

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Kath Walker poems - The Past (1970), Municipal Chewing gum (1960), Our company is Going: Poetry (1964), The Dawn is at Hand: Poems (1966), My People: A Kath Walker collection (1970), No more come back (1985), Kath Walker in China (1988), The Colour Pub (1990), Oodgeroo (1994), We will Not Be Bitter (1990), White Sydney (1970), Most One Race (1970), Independence (unknown), The Unhappy Contest (1989) Supplement Wharton poetry - Nobleman With Clear Pockets (2003) and Imba (Listen): Tell You a Story (2003).

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